Moving Day!

Since Christmas is coming and I’m already broke, I decided to spend money I don’t have to get better paid hosting (I don’t want to pay for another year of crappiness…)

I’m super responsible.

I’m not sure why the guys are still with me.

It’s been that kind of a month.  Already.

Anyway, WordPress tells me that if you are an email subscriber, you should continue to get updates via email as I migrated your subscription to the new site (fingers crossed!).  If you follow me through, apparently updates will still show up in your reader, but not in your email, so you will need to resubscribe at the new site if you want to have email updates (I think. This is what WordPress has told me.)

I like the new site. I have spent time I didn’t have to redesign my aesthetics and I like them much better. I distracted myself for a good long time this weekend instead of doing report cards. Because I’m so responsible!

I’ve also been super depressed. Well, alternating between depressed and having truly horrific PTSD episodes, which, I’m not sure can still technically be called episodes when they represent a good 80% of my actual waking (and some of my sleeping) hours. I probably will have to start referring to (relative) normalcy as “episodes” and PTSD as the standard operating procedure.

Today I’m a little more peaceful. It seems to come and go like fog. Sir has instated a “hands-off” rule for the entire household… which means nobody gets touched. At all.

I think this is unfair to Sub Brother.

Sir says it’s only for a week and everyone will live.  Sub Brother says he will live. I am sulking like a five year old because I hate everything and I’m super mature and responsible. And this is making me feel more guilty for being a broken toy.

I had a manic episode last night. Though, my doctor thinks now that I might not have bipolar, I might have a compilation of something else with PTSD making it look like I have bipolar. This might be good, but I’m having a hard time feeling optimistic about it.

Oh, and last bit of news, I made a page on Facebook for this blog.  Sometimes I just have little scraps of life I want to be able to share, but don’t warant a blog post, so this gives me another option to be visible in my invisibility.  The page is Shadowed Scribe on Facebook. It isn’t going to be vanilla (I’ll be posting updates to my posts here) so don’t follow it unless you’re okay with Facebook telling the world you follow my perverse life story.

I think that’s all my news for the evening.

I’m going to go fight a panic attack for this being a total crap blog post.

Happy December!

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