temjohnth2Join me on an ancient mountain, in the shadow of a peak, in a house built on dreams where Tem and John you’ll meet…



fireth2Or take a walk on the darker side of the Denver city streets, where it is the Phoenix of Black Fire you may seek…



precipiceth2If you’re ready to brave the heights at the top of the abyss, join Ryan and Michael and Tem before John at the edge of the Precipice.




godsth2 Should you wish to dance with fate, step into the world of Dylan and Tay. Where life proves so fleeting as breath o’er the sea, so too will you question What Gods are These?




othersth2To see what things from single seeds of magic here have grown, take a peek behind this door at the tales that stand alone.



blogIf this writer’s thoughts you’d know, take a peek through my private window.