• Secrets

    I slept better last night.  A little.  Weird dreams, but I managed to sleep until 10, so… little better. Sir and sub brother have been home (they went away on their own trip) for a couple days now.  But something has been bothering Sir.  He hasn’t said that, I just know. The thing is, he doesn’t talk about it.  He won’t talk about it.  So my best guess is that it is work related because… that’s really the only thing he doesn’t talk about.  Ever. And I…  feel strange about my feelings about that.

  • Differences

    This is an exploration of some of the events in my previous post – Punishment.  If you haven’t read it, be aware that this may reference disturbing concepts or events, please read at your own comfort level.

  • Sickerness

    So walking pneumonia rapidly became ambulance ride and tubes in my arms pneumonia.  Terrific.   And it wasn’t my fault!  I took the antibiotics and rested and drank fluids!  I didn’t bring it on!  The ER said that pneumonia is just like that…

  • He’s not your friend.

    K skyped with me this afternoon briefly.  When they can get into the city they get on skype, otherwise they email every week, which is nice, but sometimes it just feels like they’re so far away… Which they ARE.