• SFD – Part 2 – Something Completely Different

    Part 1 – SFD – Something completely different He thumped his fist against the roughly carved door.  Twice, three times, four.  The thick, heavy wood seemed to swallow the sound and his effort into itself, only a dull thud coming back to his ears.  Teran felt his lips twitch and a surge of rage whispered its desire to be unleashed on the unyielding surface. Igni was a silent, still presence to his right.  As much for the other man’s sake as his own, Teran strangled the voice and punched the fury down deep into a tight, hot knot in his belly. One breath dragged into two, and then three before the…

  • Unkind – SFD

    “Lia…” I sigh and flop my head against the back of my chair.  “I can’t!” “You can.”  Sir turns another page in his book, the soft rustle grates on my nerves and I scowl.

  • SFD – Something completely different

    The caked earth parted in gentle troughs beneath his touch.  He twitched his fingers, closing the marks of his presence and jerked his hand back.  Even so little effort left him numb and aching to his elbow and he could still feel the desperate hunger of the earth through his leather shoes.  He shook his hand, as if he could fling away the tingling pain like water from his fingertips, and rose, stepping back into the shadow of the rocks. *** Outside of the longhouse, he scuffed one leather sole against the smooth stone path and smirked as Cael spun, his wings snapping half open, catching the faint torchlight through…

  • Helpless – SFD

    “Lia…” I set my jaw stubbornly and swipe open the news story.  People shot, politicians, at a baseball practice, government leaders reaching across the aisle to express sympathy, shared calls for unity and humanity. Sir has already warned me twice.  I’m not to be on devices today.  “No screen time,” he said this morning, “You can read, you can clean, you can write, you can lie on the couch and sleep, but no screens.” I had already broken the rule twice.

  • Empty – SFD

    “I tried to think about photography today, I looked for things on our walk.” Devin looks at me.  “That’s good.” He drags out the second word, questioning, waiting for the rest. “I couldn’t.  Nothing was… good.” He twists his mouth slightly in sympathy.  And Sir, standing slightly behind me, brushes my hair back behind my ear.

  • Not Good Enough

    The voice in my head whispers so softly I don’t know I hear it, I’m not good enough. I push myself to think of something to write about, I’m not good enough. It’s been so long that I can’t begin anymore, before.., I’m not good enough. It’s beginning to feel like there is nothing left inside me, Except… I’m not good enough.          

  • Mistakes – SFD #4

    “What were you going to say?”  His voice is gentle, one hip is cocked against the counter top, his arms are folded loosely over his chest, all outwardly relaxed, casual.  She feels her breath catch in her chest and her eyes widen. “I’m sorry.” He tilts his head slightly.  “Oh?  Are you apologizing or was the end of that sentence really going to be ‘because I’m too…I’m sorry’?” She feels her skin wash with a flush of heat, followed by a chill.  Her heart is thumping wildly, high in her chest.  Her tongue flickers over her lips, and her eyes skitter over his chest, unable to find a safe place…

  • Shitty First Drafts #3

    The murmuration of traffic beyond the line of trees is almost hypnotic as she traces the grain of the worn wood with her fingers and her eyes. The porch creaks as he crosses the old boards and stands, wordless, behind her. A breath of wind makes the sparse spring leaves around the deck whisper. “You’ll get a splinter.”  His voice is soft, warm, curling against her ear. She shrugs.  A splinter would be something to feel, at least.

  • Shitty First Drafts #2

    Her ears are filled with the soft hum of the old computer tower, the susurration of traffic in the distance, and the rustle of the curtains as cold air whispers from the vent.  And then with his voice, soft, gentle, but with an iron core of command. “Why?  Tell me why.” “Because…” “Write it.”