• Empathy and Puritans

    We went away last night so I’m behind a post, but it was totally worth it!  Sir planned it without telling us, he just said on Saturday morning to pack a bag for overnight and we got in the car.  We stayed in a fancy hotel in the mountains, and we hot tubbed and we had an awesome night.  It was really nice.  And we came home today and got some chores done so all that I have to do tomorrow is some grocery shopping and… lesson plans, and we are going to K and J’s house for a barbecue tomorrow.  So… it’s been a good weekend. Sir and I…

  • Weary

    Sir is going to meet with K on Friday night.  He’s going to get beaten.  It’s a thing they do, and… I’ve made peace with it in the past, but this time it’s upsetting me.  Sir and I have talked this through and he wants me to write about it now. I talked to Sub Brother last night about it, too.  And with my therapist today.  And with Sir tonight.  Here’s what I’m clear about…  I don’t want Sir to not go through with it.  I do want to solve my own problem with this so I can be okay with it.

  • Moments with Sir – Can’t?

    Sir recently discovered that my new blog theme has emoji buttons at the bottom of posts and decided to go through all of my posts and “like” them with the emoji buttons. I found this both silly and mortifying and, without thinking said, “No, you can’t…”  I caught myself and stopped, but… not soon enough. Sir looked at me.  He wasn’t angry, I could see the faint glimmer of amusement in his eyes, but he raised his eyebrow and turned in the office chair to face me fully. “I what?” “Nothing…” “I can’t?”

  • Top Drop

    So… for some of my readers this is going to be S/M 101, sorry…  Most of the readers I know of aren’t super hardcore into the kink scene so I need to make sure I explain terms (if this bores you, of course, do move on…) So, when people “play” heavily, so… that could be physical or psychological/emotional heavy, or, often, both, there is a lot of chemical action in the body and the brain… there is adrenaline and endorphins and all kinds of crazy chemistry mixing up and once the scene is over, either shortly after or even starting a day or two after, the bottom (the one on…

  • Punishment

    WARNING:  This post is graphic and discusses S/M and D/s punishment that could be upsetting for some readers.  Please read only according to your own comfort level, and know that all activities are engaged in with consent and have built to this level of intensity through a lengthy and intimate building of trust between my Sir and myself.

  • Irony

    A random bit of writing inspired by events of the evening…  Sorry not much commentary here.  I’m tired, it’s late, and I’m under threats of dire consequences if my “ass is not in bed in the next thirty seconds…”  Are dominance and a tendency to hyperbole carried on the same gene or something?  Seriously… It seems to be a thing. 

  • Untitled – Snippet – August 9, 2012

    I  studied his face.  His eyes were bright in the guttering candlelight.  His pupils were wide, pushing out all color to their coal blackness.  His skin was faintly darkened by sun and wind-roughened along high cheekbones.  Although his face was lean and worn by years, it maintained an impish hint of youth. 

  • Penance

    Trig pads across the carpet until he stands a long step from David’s feet. David lets his head roll to one side and gazes silently at Trig for a long moment. I look at Trig, too. The muscles in his throat twitch and his eyes seem focused on empty space. For just a second the tip of his tongue flickers over his lower lip then disappears as he presses his lips together, muscles tensing along his jaw.

  • The Gift

    It is the fear in his eyes that makes my heart beat faster. It is the nervous hitch in his breath that quickens mine, it is sensing that he is afraid that makes saliva rise under my tongue. But it is one thing more… The keystone in the dam that keeps it all this side of insane.

  • Need

    He catches his lip between his teeth and holds it lightly as he turns his head, brushing his cheek against the black leather surface of the bench. I let the cane come to rest, lightly this time, against his skin, so pale but for a single, pink stripe, rapidly darkening to crimson.