• Living and Dying

    It’s been, I just realized, 4 months plus since I last posted.  I don’t even want to talk about it because it feels pointless to say anything else about it. In August I got a diagnosis for what has been going on with me for years.  There were all these, “This is hopeful!  Now we know what it is and we can fight it!” speeches.  But I’ve heard those speeches too many times and I tried hard not to invest any hope in this new round. I wasn’t completely successful.

  • Sunday Night Thoughts

    This is such a crap blog (I just typoed that as “carp”).  I always think about how crappy it is… my posts aren’t thematic or pointed or even on topic beyond “Sunday Night Thoughts.”  Wow, Shadow, stunning work, really.  I have no idea why people even come here anymore.

  • Grief – Anaphora

    Grief Grief Grief is shards of ice flaying my skin. Grief is a cold anchor tearing at my heart. Grief is a heavy shadow, curling round my spine. Grief is a keening shriek scraping on my ribs.